Family & Divorce Legal Services We Provide

Divorce Litigation and Other Legal Services

The Law Office of Young & Kuhl, LLC, provides virtually all services that relate to issues of Family Law and Divorce in the greater Kansas City area.  These include, but are not limited to, Divorce or Dissolution of Marriage Actions; Paternity Actions, which are actions between people who have a child or children together, but who are not married; and Modification Actions, which are actions involving a change of custody, visitation or to the parenting plan when an existing order is in place, or a change in child support.  We also frequently serve as mediators, handle name changes, step-parent adoptions, and guardianships, among other matters.


The firm makes its family law services available to the greater Kansas City area as well as its surrounding counties.

The firm’s hourly rates differ depending upon the divorce lawyer who handles a specific case.



The divorce lawyers at the Law Office of Young & Kuhl, LLC, provides litigation services to the greater Kansas City area in both Missouri and Kansas. These legal services require filing law suits, motions, other legal documents, and representing clients in trials and other hearings. This process is considered “litigation” because these issues are resolved within the context of a court proceeding.  If you are facing a divorce or a dispute regarding custody, child support, or property division, you’ll want experienced, respected representation.  As Kansas City divorce litigation is a very large part of our practice, we know not all situations are the same.  This is why we will be cooperative when appropriate and aggressive when necessary.  With over 53 years of combined legal experience, we are designated as Super Lawyers, Best Lawyers and Best of the Bar as a result of our representation of clients in the Greater Kansas City area.


Mediation Services

The Law Office of Young & Kuhl, LLC, provides efficient mediation services for issues that relate to Family Law, including divorce, child support, child custody, and property issues. Mediation is a private, informal, non-binding procedure in which the parties select a neutral third party to help in reaching a settlement. The mediation process can take place before, during or after the litigation process set forth above.

Further, mediation can be utilized to resolve part or all of the issues involved in any particular dispute. The Kansas City divorce mediation attorneys at the Law Office of Young & Kuhl, LLC, are committed to helping you resolve your conflict and allowing you to move on with your life.


Collaborative Law

The Law Office of Young & Kuhl, LLC, also provides collaborative law services. In a collaborative law setting, both spouses are represented by a Kansas City Collaborative divorce lawyer. The spouses and their attorneys sign a Participation Agreement which confirms their commitment to resolve all issues fairly, reasonably, and without resorting to litigation in court.

Collaborative law establishes an open, mutually cooperative environment which allows the parties, as well as their lawyers, to work towards a settlement that will be most beneficial to the children and allow the spouses to resolve their disputes in an amicable manner in order to move forward with their lives.

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