Choosing the Right Divorce Lawyer

How to: Choose a Reputable Divorce Attorney

Below is an article written by attorney Abraham D. Kuhl that was published in the July 30, 2011 issue of the Independence Examiner.  See divorce lawyer Abraham D. Kuhl’s suggested 3-step process for how to choose a reputable divorce attorney below.  For more information about our Kansas City divorce lawyers, please see our individual attorney webpages.


How to:  Choose a Reputable Divorce Attorney

          “The choice of a lawyer is an important decision and should not be based solely upon advertisements.”  This statement appears in television ads, is made at the end of radio announcements, and is plastered throughout law firm websites.  In fact, this disclosure is so important that it appears in Rule 4 of the Missouri Supreme Court Rules.  But what exactly does this mean?  What are some things a person should look for when choosing an attorney?

       Choosing an attorney can be broken into three distinct parts:

          1) information gathering;

          2) filtering the information; and

          3) making your decision.

          The first step in choosing an attorney is to gather information.  Ask friends and family whom you trust that have experienced a similar legal problem and see who they recommend.  If they were happy with their attorney, they will let you know.  If they are unhappy, undoubtedly, they will tell you that too.  The internet is also a valuable resource.  Use search engines such as Google to narrow your search and view attorneys’ websites, as well as your local bar associations (such as  You can learn a lot about an attorney prior to even stepping in their office.

          Next, filter the information.  Most people do not have the time or money to meet with a dozen attorneys.  I recommend finding an attorney that practices predominately in your area of law, as well as in your jurisdiction.  Take into consideration the recommendations of others, as they are great resources.

          Lastly, know that you are going to enter into an attorney-client relationship.  This relationship allows you and your attorney to have privileged, confidential communications.  Because of this, you need an attorney you can trust.

          Ultimately, choosing an attorney is an important decision, but it is one that only you can make.  Do your research, ask friends and family, and trust yourself.